Tuesday, May 20, 2014

wild country

Wild country, Mountain Lion country. I feel such a sense of belonging in these dry wilds. I get a sense of knowing when I am wandering the land. It feels old, and wise, and I truly believe some of the wisdom is imparted to those that are willing to take the time to listen and learn. I bow in gratitude and respect. Aho.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

earth baby

Aspen is a true Earth Baby. We can hardly keep her inside, or out of the dirt. This sweet, sweet girl of mine has a deep and pure love for our Mama Earth. She is happiest when she has her hands in the soil. Toddler tantrums are quickly abandoned once she can connect with the Earth and taking her outside and letting her play in the dirt is our go-to diversionary tactic around here. Aspen reminds me I am calmed and grounded when I have my hands in the Earth too.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

just breathe

It has been a rough week. The baby has had a double ear infection and she has been miserable. Poor little thing has been in pain and not sleeping and all she wants is me to hold her and nurse her. This means mama was not sleeping either and is touched out. Baby is finally well, but I am frazzled. Being the mama means putting their needs above my own and usually I am happy to do that. Right now though, I am worn out and my emotions are threatening to overwhelm me.
Today calls for exquisite self-care. I have smudged, lit candles, and the kettle is on. I am going to spend some time writing and then take myself and the littles out on a photo walk. And breathe, always breathe...